Xuzhou-Lianyungang High-speed Railway Open to Traffic! CASCO Helps to Open the Last 180km of "Land Bridge Passage"

08 Feb 2021

New Year, New Look! As the China’s Spring Festival is approaching, there is another good news from the projects CASCO is involved. On February 8, the Xuzhou-Lianyungang High-speed Railway officially went into operation, successfully completing the last section for the "Land Bridge Passage".

Xuzhou-Lianyungang High-speed Railway, starting from Xuzhou in the west, the center of northern Jiangsu, eastward to Lianyungang, the starting point of the New Asia Europe Land Bridge, along the route through Xuzhou Economic Development Zone, Tongshan District, Pizhou City, Xinyi City, Donghai County and Haizhou District of Lianyungang City, is not only an important channel across the Huanghe-Huaihe Plain in northern Jiangsu Province, but also an important part of the "Land Bridge Passage", which is one of the main channels of the national "Eight Vertical and Eight Horizontal" high-speed railway network.

Xuzhou-Lianyungang High-speed Railway Diagram: Released by Lianyungang

Xuzhou-Lianyungang High-speed Railway is about 180km long, with a design speed of 350km/h. Six new stations are built along the whole line, which are connected to the Xuzhou-Lianyungang & Xuzhou-Huai’an Dispatching Console of the Passenger Dedicated Line Center of China Railway Shanghai Group Co.,Ltd. As the signaling system supplier for this line, CASCO equipped it with CTC 3.0, the industry's leading centralized traffic control system, and CTC equipment of passenger dedicated line centre.

Xuzhou-Lianyungang High-speed Railway Route Diagram

It is worth mentioning that CASCO is not only a participant in the construction of the Xuzhou-Lianyungang High Speed Railway, but also in the construction of the entire "Land Bridge Passage". Going west along the Xuzhou-Lianyungang High-speed Railway, CASCO's products are used in the Zhengzhou-Xuzhou High-speed Railway, Zhengzhou-Xi’an High-speed Railway, Xi’an-Baoji High-speed Railway, Baoji-Lanzhou High-speed Railway and Lanzhou-Wulumuqi High-speed Railway along the route. In the history of the development of the "Land Bridge Passage" from scratch, from line by line opening to fully opened for operation, we can see the epitome of CASCO's deep engagement in the field of national railways and continuous innovation of product technology. For example, CASCO's centralized traffic control system completed an iterative upgrade from CTC 2.0 to CTC 3.0 during this period.

"Land Bridge Passage” Route Diagram: Shanghai Observer

Xuzhou-Lianyungang High-speed Railway adopts CTC3.0 centralized traffic control system independently developed by CASCO, through such a "Super Brain”, automatic remote control of train route on the whole line can be realized, effectively solving the problem of frequent exchange of control between the station and the traffic control center in the process of shunting control. Besides, It can perform the shunting operation of unattended stations, giving full play to the advantages of centralized traffic control. Compared with traditional centralized traffic control systems, CTC3.0 is superior in terms of system performance, security, adaptability and stability, and has become the mainstream product of centralized traffic control systems.

Xuzhou-Lianyungang & Xuzhou-Huai’an High-speed Railway Dispatching Console

In addition, in the Xuzhou-Lianyungang High-speed Railway project, CASCO CTC 3.0 system has implemented a new function, namely the function of advance notice of dispatching a train. In the traditional model, the station attendant needs to inform the train driver of the departure confirmation information by telephone. Now with the new function, trains will receive an advance notice of departure sent by the CTC system before they depart after they are aligned to complete their departure route. Compared with the traditional train-locomotive joint control method, this function not only can better ensure the safety of railway transportation, but also greatly reduce the workload of joint control of train operation personnel, conforming to the development trend of unmanned and automatic station.

The opening of Xuzhou-Lianyungang High-speed Railway means that the last piece of the puzzle of CASCO’s participation in the "Land Bridge Passage” has been completed, which became another demonstration project for CASCO to participate in The Belt and Road Initiative and promote regional economic development. After the line went into operation, the northern Jiangsu high-speed railway network will be fully activated, and the time from Xuzhou to Lianyungang will be shortened to 46 minutes, which is helpful to promote the coordinated development of the regional economy of northern Jiangsu, southern Shandong and the Yangtze River Delta region. Meanwhile, the completion of the "Land Bridge Passage" construction is of great significance to further improve the layout of the national high-speed railway network.



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