CASCO Assisted in the Simultaneously Putting Operation Pucheng-Meizhou Railway and Xingguo-Quanzhou Railway to Celebrate the National Day

01 Oct 2021

Red flags are flying to celebrate the National Day. As the National Day approaches, good news about CASCO keep emerging to add festive atmosphere to the National Day as ways of celebration. On the eve of the National Day, Jianning-Guanzhaishansection of Pucheng-Meizhou Railway and the Xingguo-Qingliu section of Xingguo-Quanzhou Railway was simultaneously put into operation thanks to the assistance from CASCO. In addition, CASCO has won the bid for the signaling system of the Phase I of Zhengzhou Rail Transit Line No. 8 and Phase I of Zhengzhou Rail Transit Line No. 7 recently, adding two more lines to the CBTC market.

Simultaneous Operation of the Two Railway Will Support the Old Revolutionary Base Area to Become Prosperous

On September 30, the Jianning-Guanzhaishan section of Pucheng-Meizhou Railway and the Xingguo-Qingliu section of Xingguo-Quanzhou Railway were put into full operation simultaneously. CASCO provides the industry-leading centralized traffic control system CTC3.0 of CASCO for the entire two railways.

The Jianning-Guanzhaishan section of Pucheng-Meizhou Railway starts from the Jianningxianbei Railway Station of Xiangtang-Putian Railway and ends at the GuanZhaiShannan Railway Station of Ganzhou-Rujin-Longyan Railway, which passes by four administrative counties, i.e. Jianning, Ninghua, Qingliu and Liancheng, with a total length of 162 km and 16 stations. Xingguo-Quanzhou Railway starts from Xingguo Station of Beijing-Kowloon Railway, passes by Yudu, Ningdu, Shicheng and other counties in Jiangxi Province, and ends in Quanzhou, Fujian, with a total length of 464.16km and 33 stations, of which the main line of Xingguo-Qingliu section is 174.21km long.

Schematic Diagram of Xingguo-Quanzhou Railway and Pucheng-Meizhou Railway, Source: Fujian News

Xingguo-Quanzhou Railway and Pucheng-Meizhou Railway uses the same rails in Ninghua-Qingliu, Fujian, which is now connected to the Xiangtang-Putian Railway in the north and to the Ganzhou-Rujin-Longyan Railway in the south. The railways connect Northwest Fujian and the hinterland of East Fujian into the national railway network, forming a new channel for the transport development in Fujian and Jiangxi. The full operation of two railways put an end to the history of absence of railway in four old revolutionary area bases, namely Ningdu, Shicheng, Ninghua and Qingliu in Jiangxi and Fujian, and bring about new vitality to the social and economic development of the areas along the railways while helping promote the construction of the whole-Fujian railway circle and the coastal railway network in Southeast China, which is of great significance.

CBTC Route Recorded a New High with the Bid Winning of New lines

Phase I of Zhengzhou Metro Line No. 7 starts from the Yellow River National Museum and ends at Houzhai Station, with a total length of 29.308km and 21 stations, including 11 rail transit interchange stations. The full operation of the line will connect North Huiji, Jinshui District, Erqi District and Erqi New City, becoming a "main artery" of Zhengzhou in the direction from south to north.

Schematic Diagram of the Phase I of Metro Line No. 7, Source: Zhengzhou Release

Phase I of Zhengzhou Rail Transit Line No. 8 starts from Tianjianhu Station and ends at Wenchuang Station, with a total length of 51.495km and 28 stations, which will be the longest metro line running from east to west in Zhengzhou.

Phase I of Line No. 7 and Phase I of Line No. 8 are CASCO's 8th and 9th urban rail lines in Zhengzhou. CASCO will provide them with mature and advanced CBTC signaling system and continue to assist Zhengzhou to further strengthen its network-like operation of urban rail transit.

Schematic Diagram of the Phase I of Metro Line No. 8, Source: Zhengzhou Release

With the successful bidding of two lines above, CASCO has covered 28 cities and 87 lines in the domestic CBTC signaling market, which refreshes CASCO's CBTC market map again, and will stimulate CASCO staff to make further efforts to promote the in-depth development of the rail transit industry in China.



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