The Battle of Resumption, Fight with Henan: CASCO helps Zhengzhou Metro resume operations of several lines

16 Sep 2021

Recently, in response to eager expectation of Zhengzhou people, Zhengzhou Metro announced its official resumption of the passenger-carrying operation on the line network. Among them, the Phase I of Metro Line 2 and Suburban Line equipped with CASCO signaling systems resumed operation on September 12, while the Phase II of Line 2, Line 4 and Line 5 resumed operation on September 15.

The torrential rainstorm on July 20 caused the metro outage in Zhengzhou. After the disaster, CASCO devoted special attention to the situation and set up an emergency commanding team led by the president for the resumption of the flooded signal system in Zhengzhou, and went to the forefront at the first time to assist owners to carry out rescue and repair.

The company quickly deployed technical backbones and dispatched commissioning engineers from Beijing and Shanghai to assist Zhengzhou by prevailing over difficulties caused by stoppage in logistics, and used special vehicles from Shanghai, Beijing, Nanning, Shenzhen and other cities to urgently transfer more than 20,000 pieces of emergency rescue equipment.

CASCO deploys manpower and materials for emergency repairs

Faced with the dual challenges of rainstorm disaster and pandemic prevention, CASCO rose to the challenge and carried forward the excellent style of "Undaunted by Hardship and Daring to Fight", as evidenced by the fact that it fully engaged in the rescue and emergency repairs, assisted the owners to prepare and optimize the signaling system equipment recovery plan throughout the whole process, and sent debugging teams to multiple points of the forefront to ensure the immediate responses to the owners' demand.

CASCO employees at emergency repairs sites

In order to restore the normal operation of the signal system as soon as possible, CASCO lost no time in shortening construction period to ensure that multiple work were carried out simultaneously: water was emptied, equipment status were investigated, dredging was completed, equipment was replaced and commissioned. CASCO efficiently completed testing, replacement and verification of the damaged signaling equipment of Line 2, Suburban Line, Line 4, and Line 5, creating the "CASCO Speed" of completing the full function recovery of signaling system and tunnel drainage and dredging simultaneously, laying a good foundation for off load trial running and smoothly passing the Ministry of Transportation expert evaluation.

CASCO and the owners fought side by side to overcome the challenges. After more than 50 days of continuous struggle, they came to a key point of victory for the metro resumption - on September 12, the first batch of metro lines successfully resumed operation. In the next day, CASCO received a banner and a letter of appreciation from Zhengzhou Metro Group and a banner from Zhengzhou Flood and Drought Control Headquarter, expressing their sincere gratitude and respect for CASCO's timely support and responsibility.

The banners received by CASCO

At present, the resumed metro lines are in good condition, and CASCO will continue to carry forward the spirit of continuous fight to help Zhengzhou metro ensure the final success of full resumption, and help the city restore its former vitality and vigor. In the future, CASCO will continue to carry out the brand concept of "Comprehensive Guardian and Whole-course Reassurance", fulfill the commitment to the lifecycle management of the delivered projects with high quality products and professional standards and provide customers with a worry-free service guarantee for the whole process to ensure the public's orderly travel.



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