CASCO helps Shanghai Line 16 achieve flexible 3+3 train composition operation

12 Nov 2021

On the morning of November 12, Shanghai Line 16 began the tentative operations of a flexible on-track 3+3 train composition -- a six-vehicle train for high-density operation during peak hours, which is broken into two three-vehicle trains on track for low-density operation during off-peak hours. This operation mode is realized thanks to CASCO's signaling solution. This can make flexible train composition adjustment based on passenger flow, thus significantly reducing the off load rate, further decreasing energy consumption and improves operation efficiency, making it a major innovation in the domestic urban rail transit.

Shanghai Line 16 is 59 km long and runs through the urban and suburban area, with a significant tidal effect of passenger flow. Previously, Line 16 used the manual controlled train coupling/uncoupling operations in depot. Although it can achieve an alternate operation of three-vehicle trains and six-vehicle trains to a certain extent, the train composition is fixed throughout a day and cannot be changed during the train service, thus preventing trains from achieving greater operational efficiency.

Through the continuous optimization of the train dispatch control system and the development of a series of software, CASCO has successfully resolved the technical problem of "on-track coupling/uncoupling" and realized the function of timely adjustment of train composition during the train service and in the platform area of the main line. This function also supports the coupling and uncoupling of ATO trains in automatic operation mode. The coupling of vehicles and system reconstruction are done automatically without manual operation, which greatly improves the automation of train coupling/uncoupling.

Two three-vehicle trains are linked successfully on track

After the one-month tentative operation of "3+3" on-track coupling/uncoupling, Shentong Metro will adjust and optimize the train composition of Line 16 according to the evaluation, and decide whether to formally adjust the fixed train composition operation of the main line to a flexible one.

The implementation of the on-track flexible train composition function is of great significance. This technology, when combined with intelligent technologies such as fully automated train operation, smart station and smart depot, can bring about greater economic efficiency and social benefits. By reducing the number of kilometres travelled, the overhaul cycle of trains is also expected to be extended, helping the operation company to further reduce the operating costs. In the future, this technology is also expected to be applied to more lines with conditions to support a more flexible train composition mode; it can also achieve a fully automatic coupling and uncoupling if applied to fully automatic operation lines.



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